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Freshwater Tropical Fish

Find sites with freshwater tropical fish pictures, information on tropical fish diseases and sites where you can buy exotic tropical fish for sale prices.

  • Tropical Fish Centre
    Information on tropical fish species, intended to help beginners identify and care for their fish.

  • Aquaria and Tropical Fish
    Articles, and archived usenet postings. Features Aquaria FAQ, and the AquaticPlants Digest archives.

  • Freshwater Tropical Fish Keeping
    Information on setting up and maintaining a tropical tank.

  • Keeping Tropical Fish and Goldfish
    Tropical fish and general information on fish care and breeding.

  • Tropical Fish Information
    How to care for fish and aquariums, with setup, care, and handling instructions.

  • Breeding tropical fish
    Information on the keeping and breeding of tropical and coldwater freshwater and marine fish including sections on basic icthyology, water chemistry, fish

  • Tropical Fish
    Complete freshwater site with tropical fish profiles, diseases, and photos.

  • Age of Aquariums - Tropical Fish
    Contains photos and in-depth descriptions of a number of setups.

  • Tropical Fish Store
    Custom acrylic aquariums, stands and complete aquarium systems.

  • The Tropical Tank Homepage
    Brief notes and photos of fish (including some uncommon species), product information and reviews, tank setups, and miscellaneous articles.

  • Tropical Fish Hobbyist
    Features an index of articles from recent years and a synopsis of the current issue.

  • Tropical Fish Focus
    Beginners guide to tropical fish keeping.

  • FishGeeks Aquarium Fish
    Offers a database with over 1800 tropical and marine fish and plants, over 5000 fish photos, chat room, and family friendly forums.

  • Tropical Fish - A Relaxing Hobby
    Basics of aquarium set-up and maintenance.

  • Florida Tropical Fish Farm Association
    Members include commercial suppliers of aquarium fish and associated vendors. Member directory, online sales from co-op store.

  • Tropical fish forum
    Discussion of all aspects of the hobby.

  • Breeding Tropical Fish
    Fish anatomy and sexing, artificial hatching, and information on breeding livebearers and egg layers.

  • Nutrition and Feeding of Tropical Fish
    Hobbyist-authored article on nutrition, feeding behavior, and the anatomy of fish digestion.

  • Aquarium Tropical fish Thailand exporter
    Tropical fish exporter based in Thailand, supplying a range of freshwater tropical fish. Product details and contacts

  • Tropical Fish Food
    Offers live, dried and frozen tropical fish foods.

Tropical Fish